2018 League Rules:  Indoor League Rules

As usual we will be having our Monday & Tuesday “Brush/Hunter” Leagues as well as our various spot
300 leagues. Now is the time to get you and your partner signed up to reserve your night and spot.
These are all great ways to get out of the house during the winter for a night and fine tune your archery
skills. Again, you can call Jeremy Schultz for more information or to sign up 608-573-0272

New for this year as well, is our Thursday morning Crock Pot shoot. This is currently scheduled to
begin on Thursday morning at 9:00 AM and run for 6 weeks. This will be run very similar to the
Cricket night where you are not committed and can participate when you can. It sounds as though we
will have a steady crew of 10-12 persons who will be there every week. What you shoot can vary from
week to week. One week you may shoot a 300 spot round the next you may shoot a hunter/brush round,
while the next you may shoot cricket. Based on the name they will try to orchestrate a schedule for
folks to bring in various meals to enjoy each week.
As you can see this is a pretty informal event and will probably morph into something more specific as it
goes along. The bottom line is it has generated interest and should be a great time for anyone who can
participate. The cost will be $8:00 a week, and folks can call Ron Krisher 608-334-5940 or Steve
Mulcahy 608-576-4738 for further information.